Boon Sport Leather Training Gloves Review

BoonLeatherGlovesThey say that cheap Muay Thai gloves fall apart in no time especially if you are training. This may be true with other Muay Thai gloves, but not with Boon Sport Leather Training Gloves.

Lately, there has been a gush of inferior Muay Thai gear or equipment like the gloves in the market. They will fool you with flashy and eyecatchy designs only to find out after buying that what you thought was a great buy is actually trash. Boon Sport Leather Training Gloves are different, and we will tell you why.

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Boon Sport crafted these training gloves with top-grain cowhide leather; strong enough to withstand the wear and tear yet soft enough to go with the shaped of your hands. Leather made gloves last longer than non leather made, and Boon Sport Leather Training Gloves are stitched by hand with leather of premium quality to make sure they will last not just for months but for years.

These gloves have 2 inches integrated foam layers makeing them excellent in absorbing shock and providing utmost protection. These training gloves also have hand liners so no matter how intense you throw punches, your hands stay dry and cool.

The gloves have extra wide hook and loop closures . These make the gloves easy to wear and take off while still providing ample wrist support and a snug fit. The cuffs long and padded enough to guard your wrist from punches and kicks.


Surely, some expensive training gloves are worth the price because of their quality. But, that does not mean than cheap ones are of low quality. Boon Sport Leather Training Gloves offer the best quality comparable or even better to that of expensive training gloves, but without ripping off your pocket.


  • Top-grain cowhide leather for maximum durability
  • 2-inch combined foam layers for excellent impact absorption and protection
  • Extra wide hook and loop closures

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For those who haven’t heard of Boon before, it is a Thai brand that has been gaining recognition in the Muay Thai and MMA scene especially in Bangkok and Australia. Relatively cheap but durable, comfortable and protective is a short way to describe what Boon Sport Leather Training Gloves are. 


POSITIVE – Durable wrist support construction

Boon made gloves that have excellent stitching and construction. Its hand position is also great. Not only that, the wrist support is incredible. One reviewer said he was shocked that the wrist pain was gone after using Boon. These gloves can literally take away that pain. One reviewer summarized it aptly by saying that they are a “true workhorse gloves.”

NEGATIVE – Thumb area problem

One customer said it wasn’t one of his better choice in boxing gloves. He had trouble and felt uncomfortable around the thumb area. It was too tight for his liking. 

This appears to be an isolated problem since no one else complained about this.

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These gloves are tested for quality in professional Muay Thai gyms. Before they are made available to the public, Boon Sport test their products in professional Muay Thai gyms in Bangkok, and Boon Sport Leather Training Gloves are NOT an exception to that.

If you are looking for quality training gloves, but a little tight on the budget, give this product a try. These training gloves may feel stiff the first time you wear them but after a short while, they will feel comfortable on your hands.