RingsideIMF Tech Training Gloves Review

Ringside IMF Tech Training Gloves

Ringside has been responsible for creating beautiful boxing gloves, with unique and efficient designs. Ringside IMF Tech Training Gloves is one of them. Once you’ve seen and used it, you’ll clearly see why.

Aside from its design, Ringside has pioneered a new generation of padding. The norm was to sew in the padding. Ringside took it much farther and easier by creating IMF tech. And these gloves – Ringside IMF Tech Training Gloves – are the first one of its kind.

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Ringside was the very first to use IMF (injected molded foam) technology. As the name suggests, foam is injected directly into the glove by a machine. Other companies have since adopted IMF for padding. The new technology provides another level of versatility, protection and durability — something that traditional layered gloves can’t compete with.

The Ringside Pro Style IMF Tech Training Gloves has excellent padding and top notch hand protection. It will make your hands bounce back every time you land a punch. You can’t feel what you are hitting. It is soft enough for sparring and firm enough for hitting the heavy bag.



Other gloves only have one hand wrap, these have two. The segmented cuffs acts as a second handwrap, which adds stability to the wrist. It also has a longer than average padded cuff that allows the right amount of flexibility.

The gloves help with proper boxing technique because of its comfortable, compact, snug fit; while being very light in weight. It is as if you’re not wearing gloves at all when you train. It’s like training with your fists without the danger of feeling sore.



  • Injected molded foam padding is pre-curved
  • Innovative Quick Tie Tech Lace System that allows the gloves to be tightened with a simple pull of the laces
  • Segmented cuffs act as a second hand wrap as it adds stability to the wrist, while a flexible upper wrist hinge allows just the right amount of flexibility
  • Made of 100% full grain premium leather

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The Ringside IMF Pro Style Training Gloves is a great balance of protection and flexibility. The IMF technology make these one of the best shock-absorbing gloves out there today. The design and construction also looks great.

These gloves are the most popular Ringside gloves in Amazon. 


NEGATIVE – Short, but painful Break-in Period

Almost every negative feedback was about the blatant lie Rinsgside describe in one of their features. They said that “there is no break-in period.” There will certainly be a break-in period because of its small hand compartment.

A two-week user said that they will kill your hands at first. He can’t imagine doing it again. But he loved it once they were broken in. He said it felt like it was tailor made for him. Ringside IMF Training Gloves are top notch gloves if you can survive the breaking in period. 

A customer complained about the weird smell it had at first. No other person mentioned it, though, which means it isn’t a common problem.


POSITIVE – Compact gloves with ample padding

Most customers enjoyed the gloves. As we mentioned earlier, they will be a little tight at first, but after a few uses they will fit great.

Once the Ringside IMF Training gloves broken in, you will feel that it is more compact than other gloves you’ve used before. It will look great and after every punch you’ll notice padding in the knuckles will provide more protection. 


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Ringside IMF Pro Style Training gloves are very close to professional grade gloves protection-wise. The gloves are efficient, versatile and flexible all at the same time. The design, with its segmented cuffs, is well thought out. However, Winning and high-end Everlasts are still better in terms of padding.

The gloves are great for hitting the heavy bag, mitts, and other training aids. These are not recommended for sparring because of the required break-in period. Although, they did create another version of this glove with IMF technology specifically for sparring. If you’re purpose is sparring, you can choose those instead.


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