Venum Elite Boxing Gloves Review

venumeliteboxingglovesVenum Boxing has four series/versions of their gloves – Venum Contender Series, Venum Challenger 2.0 Series, Venum Elite Series and Venum Absolute. The Elite Series arguably is the best of those four.

What’s surprising about these gloves is the price. Basically, what separates the series from each other is $20 to $30. Venum Elite Boxing Gloves are cheaper than the Absolute Series, more expensive than the Challenger 2.0 Series, but they have better features than both.

Aside from comparing them to its other models, we also compared them to other boxing gloves and here’s what he found out:

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Designed with a reinforced palm and attached thumb, Venum Elite Boxing Gloves provide better protection despite it being lighter than other gloves. Furthermore, the gloves have Skintex leather that is soft enough to prevent partner injuries.

In additional to that, the long cuffs improve wrist protection and the wide elastic Velcro wrist-strap can be used to tighten the gloves so your hand stays nice and straight no matter how hard you hit.



Heavy punches put stress on boxing gloves thus, decreasing their lifespan. With Venum Elite’s advanced triple density foam, the glove is reinforced so that stress is greatly reduced. High impact shocks are easily absorbed.

If you’re someone who throws a lot of punches, you will enjoy the Venum Elite’s Mesh Panel. Your hands will remain cool due to the mesh panels strategically placed inside the gloves. The mesh panels are created to keep the gloves dry inside and for heat regulation. All of these provide for better comfort making you feel free to throw hard punches with dry gloves while training.



  • Built with premium Skintex leather
  • Triple Density foam
  • Mesh panel placed inside the glove for great heat regulation
  • Reinforced palm providing maximum absorption
  • Better injury prevention with 100% full attached thumb

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All Venum Boxing gloves are handcrafted in Thailand with the best crafting techniques, but only Venum Elite uses premium Skintex leather. This makes them more comfortable, durable and sleeker than its predecessors in terms of quality. Just like the other models, the Venum Elite Boxing Gloves come with a flashy and fierce look with its embossed venomous fanged snaked logo.


NEGATIVE REVIEWS – Skintex Leather

As expected, there have been no serious negative feedback about the product. Most customers and users highly recommend them. If there’s something they don’t like is that it’s made of Skintex Leather, also known as faux leather/vinyl.


POSITIVE REVIEWS – Worth the price

Most compare the Elite Series to the Challenger 2.0 series. In the end, all of them stated Venum Elite to be a better choice than Venum Challenger 2.0. One Venum boxing gloves user even said, “The extra $30 were worth the price…” after choosing Venum Elite over its predecessor.

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 This pair of gloves is great for those aspiring boxers and for those who just want to train or exercise. It has a myriad of features not commonly found in entry level gloves; you’ll certainly get what you paid for. If you are looking for long-lasting and low-cost boxing gloves, but covers more than the basics of what a glove should have, then this product is recommended for you.

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